Bone Biopsy

On Friday while I was trying to come out of the medicine they gave me during my bone biopsy, I heard the nurse in charge say, “Breathe.”

I tried. Really I did. But I fell back into lah-lah land.

“Breathe deeper!” she said. “You’re not breathing deep enough.”

I think I fell asleep again.

“Sing,” she said.

Huh? My mind puzzled on that one. What in the world was I supposed to sing? And why did she want me to?

“Sing!” She commanded loudly.

The only words that came to mind were from an old hymn. “There is a balm in Gilead, to heal the sin sick soul.” And then I quit because I couldn’t remember the rest of the words.

At some point they transferred me from the surgical table to my bed. The transport guy arrived to take me back to my room.

As he wheeled me out of the surgical area, the nurse yelled one more time. “Sing!”

So I did. All the way through the halls of the surgical area. Into the elevator. Down another hall toward my room.

“You have a good singing voice,” the transport guy said.

“No, I don’t. I was off-key. I could hear myself.”

“Did you sing professionally?”

What? Didn’t he hear me? I said I was off-key. “No. But I did sing in a choir.”

“That song was beautiful. What was the name of it?”

“I don’t remember.” Because I really could not remember what I had just sang.

The Certified Nurse Assistant followed us into my room.

He told her, “She was singing.”

The CNA burst out laughing. Yes. She was one of those types who enjoy laughing at the silly things patients say and do when coming out from under the medication-induced bubbles.

“The nurse said I wasn’t breathing deeply enough. So, she told me to sing.”

“And it was very good,” the transport guy said to the girl. “She’s a good singer.”

That wiped the smirk off her face.

Then the nice man picked up his clipboard. He tapped it against his palm while giving the girl another stern look before he left the room. God bless him!

But now that I think about it, the idea of me singing while being rolled through hospital hallways, into an elevator, and down another corridor to my room. That is pretty funny.

What funny stories do you have about coming out of conscious sedation?

Tell me about your adventures in the comments below. Or tell me your favorite hymn.

Meanwhile, Sing! My Jesus I Love Thee. I know Thou art mine.

Until next time . . . Travel Light,

© 2021 SuZan Klassen. All Rights Reserved.

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