Did You Play Today?

When it comes to play, Dads are the best!

I love the featured photo above. A biodegradable umbrella–shade from the sun for the father’s son. The playfulness between them makes me smile.

Moments like these lighten uncomfortable days. They turn hot rides home from school into cool memories. Notice the father’s hand placed on his son’s head. That conveys an attitude of blessing.

What child would not cherish a blessing from his father?

Moments like these will be treasured memories in years to come.

Maybe you didn’t have a dad or maybe he wasn’t often home to play with you. So who fulfilled that role in your life?

My big brother was great at tossing me high into the air. Each time I begged him to toss me higher.

No matter how high he tossed me, he always caught me.

I knew I could count on him.

Perhaps thinking about your relationship with your dad hurts too much. Feel free to read this previous Father’s Day post: “Hey Dad!”

What were some of the favorite games you played with your dad? Or your brother? Or another father figure, perhaps your coach?

What are some games you can play with your own children today?

How about . . .

-Checkers or some other age-appropriate board game
-Baseball, Catch or Basketball
-Reading together

. . . or some other fun thing you can enjoy together?

Whichever ideas you choose, please find a way to send your children out onto the road of life with your blessing.

Tell me about your games, stories, or blessings in the comments below.

Until next time . . . Happy Father’s Day!

and . . . Travel Light,

© 2021 SuZan Klassen. All Rights Reserved.



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