Shouldn’t There Be Balloons?

1. For those of you following my cancer journey, after three treatments (each two weeks apart) my bloodwork showed some progress. We were encouraged.

Shouldn’t there be fireworks? Oh, wait. That’s next weekend. Shouldn’t there at least be balloons?

Side effects have been tolerated to date. But not encouraged.

2. For those of you who continue to pray for my healing, this month I begin the monthly shots.

By the time you read this I should already have had my first set of monthly injections.

Prayers are always appreciated! Additional side effects last 5-7 days. Pain is worst on the fifth day.

3. For those of you wondering whatever became of the name for my new transport (see previous post). I have had several suggested names. My grandchildren also helped.

Name Choices:

  • Wheelie
  • Grandma’s Dumb Waiter (Because I can transport multiple items on the seat.)
  • Grandma’s Walker (No originality in that name.)
  • Walkie McWalkerface (Guess who came up with that name?)
  • Minty Cane (Another, guess who came up with that name? Actually, it’s not bad for my new cane. One of my grandsons still thought it was funny even after I pointed out that it is not a cane.)
  • Temporary
  • Steelie Wheelie
  • Wonder Walker (Grandkids’ mom said this is in reference to Wonder Woman, which she found cute because it is like her kids are saying Grandma is their superhero. Ahh!)
  • Git along (as in “Get along little doggie”)

So many choices. Which name do you vote for?

Tell me in the comments below. Or contact me directly if you prefer to cast your vote that way.

Until next time . . . Travel Light,

© 2021 SuZan Klassen – All Rights Reserved

4 thoughts on “Shouldn’t There Be Balloons?

  1. Creative names there, Suzan! I, too, have used a walker to transport stuff from here to there, so I likes the Dumb Waiter reference. But you are a Wonder Woman in so many ways that I vote for Wonder Walker. Knowing the pain and energy it takes to even get up and move somedays, it’s a Wonder that you are still a Walker. (I’m smiling at the many meanings this can have.)

    You are loved and prayed for. Hugs from afar. Jan B

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