Pool Photo Fun

Want to add a little extra fun to your trip to the neighborhood pool or the hotel pool?

Get cool pool photos as the kids get into the water.

The key to these photos is to keep pushing the camera button over and over until you have about five pictures. Almost every time you will get at least one cool or weird photo.

Or you could just hold the button down to get several “stop action” photos. And you could also make a video.

See the example of the picture on the left?

This child looks like he has amazing balance to stay on the pool’s edge and lean over.

The child in the example on the right looks like he is standing on the water. Or shuffling across it.

Do you get hungry at the pool? Who doesn’t?

We always take several kids when we go to the pool. But I hate to pay for snack bar snacks. Who does? Especially when you take a whole passel of kids.

Here is a simple snack to try. Get the kids involved to help make them.

Snack On a Stick

  • Assorted Fruit: apples, grapes, pineapple, etc.
                (Treat apples with lemon juice or Fruit Fresh to protect from browning.)
  • Assorted Cheese: cheddar, Colby, mozzarella, jack/cheddar mix, etc.
  • Assorted deli or lunchmeat: turkey, ham, bologna, etc.
  • Skewers
  • Parchment/wax paper or plastic wrap or plastic bag

Cut cheese into cubes. Cut chunk cheese into cubes or purchase cubes. Cut apples or other large fruit into slices or chunks. Cut large slices of lunch meat in half (or ¼ depending on size needed). Or make it easier on you and have the kids fold their lunch meat into an appropriate size.

Have kids wash their hands well (supervise).
Then have them gather around prep table with food on platters.

Give each child a skewer to assemble. (Make sure to supervise again. No Zorro accidents, please.)

Have them assemble their snacks with fruit, cheese, meat; repeat.
See the photograph below for an example.

This is great idea because each child gets to prepare what they would like.

Wrap each assembled snack or dinner with the wax paper or plastic wrap.

Pack them in a cooler with ice or frozen packs.

Most pools have snack areas set aside where you can bring your own cooler. If they do not, you can take the troop out to the car for a picnic. You could also take these for a picnic at the park instead.

Another idea is to make these ahead of time for your dinner meal at home after the pool. You can set up the TV or computer to play the slide show or video of the day’s events. The kids get a kick out of seeing each other’s pool antics.

What are your ideas for a summer visit to the pool? Tell me about them in the comments below.

Until next time . . . Travel Light,

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