The Gathering Place

Tulsa, Oklahoma’s riverfront park, The Gathering Place is a hit with families.

Creative minds built this place. Engineering and ingenuity are on full display in the towers, bridges, play areas, and the water activities.

A friend recently took her family there. She tried to explain it to me.

She showed me her photographs and then apologized. “It’s such an amazing place. My photographs don’t do it justice! I was so frustrated that I couldn’t capture the uniqueness.”

But I still could not understand. “Is it a theme park or what?”

Then my friend said,

“Think of it as a city park on steroids!”

This overview shows more of the park. But it is still NOT all of it.

Travel Light Tips:

Favorite things about The Gathering Place:

  1. Parking is so easy. It is all around the perimeter of the park. The most you have to walk is 50-100 yards and you are in the park.
  2. Lots of Picnic Tables. Bring your own lunch and drinks. No refreshments served in the park. Be sure to bring your own.
  3. No entrance fee. Totally free park.
  4. Lots of benches available for those who just want to watch.
  5. Water activities in the park are new this year. These activities rated a “10” for my friend’s children.
  6. You can pop in for an hour or stay all day (if you can take the heat).
  7. It is hot here in the summer, but park creators tried to incorporate shade.


If your little ones are afraid of heights, they may find some of these tall climbing areas frightening – like the tower in the photo above. Help them find and enjoy the water activities instead. Some areas give age suggestions. For instance, one section was for kids age six and under. But there are no hard and fast rules as there are at most theme parks.

What is your favorite city park? Or favorite theme park? Tell me in the comments below.

Until next time . . . Travel Light,

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