Summer in the Mountains

What is summer without a trip to the mountains? Especially a trip that includes a mountain meadow full of wildflowers.

These photos were taken by Jessica Coupé at the Microwave Plateau near Telkwa, British Columbia.

“Microwave” is such a modern name for such ancient mountains. Where did the name come from?

Jessica said, “I think it was named after the microwave tower we pass to get to the plateau. Quads love going up there in summer and snowmobiles in winter. I just like walking around looking at the flowers.”

Me, too, Jessica. Me, too! Thank you for sharing your photos.

So what is a quad? All four-wheelers are quads, but not all quads are four-wheelers. Confused about the difference? Read here:

Where are some of your favorite mountains located? Tell me about them in the comments below. What photographs have you taken of them?

Until next time . . . Travel Light,

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