“Dogust,” Part 2

Since the sweltering days of August are often referred to as the dog days, some have come to call it “Dogust.” In a previous post, “Dogust,” Part 1, I asked where the phrase, “the dog days of August” came from?

Some theorists argue that it began with the ancient Greeks. But others say it began earlier with the ancient Egyptians. Still others give credit to the ancient Romans.

Whichever culture you credit, this is the reason: Sirius, also called the “dog star,” is the brightest star in the Canis Major constellation. Sirius appears to rise alongside earth’s sun in late July.

Ancient cultures thought Sirius added its heat to that of our sun, which made the hot days even hotter.

Of course, Sirius does not actually affect our weather, but its appearance at this part of summer ensures the phrase dog days of summer will live on.

Today, August 16, is National Tell a Joke Day. In honor of the dog days, here is mine:

             “Do you know why dogs are terrible dancers?”

             “No. Why?”            

             “Because they have two left feet.”

In “Dogust,” Part 1, I listed some of my favorite national holidays through August 17. Below is my list of favorite holidays for the rest of August. Choose your favorite(s) to celebrate with the kids during these remaining days before school starts.

National Holidays for August 18 – 31, 2021

August 18 – Fajita Day – Yum!

August 19 – Aviation Day, Potato Day, Soft Ice Cream Day, World Photo Day 
Take photos from or of an airplane, followed by a baked potato for dinner and soft ice cream of your choice for dessert.

August 20 – Chocolate Pecan Pie Day, Lemonade Day, Radio Day, World Mosquito Day
Swat as many of those rotten buggers as you can!
Then enjoy your lemonade while listening to the radio.

August 21 – Senior Citizens Day – Visit an elderly loved one
International Homeless Animals Day
Could you choose a shelter pet for your next pet?

August 22 – Be an Angel Day – Who will you help today?

August 23 – Heroes’ Day – Who will you honor and how?
Check out Tunnel 2 Towers or Wounded Warrior Project

August 24 – Waffle Day – Make waffles for dinner.

Pluto Demoted Day – I thought Pluto was re-instated as a planet.

August 25 – Banana Split Day – Yum!
Secondhand Wardrobe Day – Contribute to a local ministry or add to your wardrobe.

August 26Dog Day
Toilet Paper Day – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-kffqzfJx8

August 27 – Tracky Dack Day in Australia – Dack is an Aussie slang term for slacks, particularly the tracksuit variety with an elastic waist. Sounds way too hot to us here in the USA. However, our sultry August is Australia’s winter (June-August).

August 28 – Bow Tie Day and Cherry Turnover Day
Could you wear a bow tie and take cherry turnovers to work?

August 29 – More Herbs, Less Salt Day
                       National Lemon Juice Day – Make a new recipe today!

August 30 – National Grief Awareness Day
Do you know someone grieving? How could you help?
National Holistic Pet Day – A game of fetch, anyone?
National Toasted Marshmallow Day
National Beach Day & International Whale Shark Day – Who in the world thought of combining these two?

August 31 – Trail Mix Day and Eat Outside Day – Perfect combination!

Have you found a good joke to tell yet? Or made one up? I would love to read a good one. So would my readers. Tell yours in the comments below.

Or tell me how you celebrated one of these national or international holidays.

Need more laughs today. Try this previous post: Find Your Laugh Again.

Until next time . . . Travel Light,

© 2021 SuZan Klassen


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