Write Your Story

March 14th is National Write Your Story Day.

I wondered, was there a simple blog post I could dash off to celebrate the day? When suddenly someone sneezed.

Ordinarily I do not laugh at people when they sneeze. But this man has a unique sneeze. I’ll get back to that.

In quick succession two other people with unique sneezes came to mind. I did not have time to write a full post at that moment. Instead I scribbled notes. (You can do the same. When you see or hear something funny or meaningful jot down a few notes as soon as possible. Otherwise you may forget.)

Later when I had more time I came back to write the following about sneezing.

In high school, my best friend sneezed quietly. As if she feared she would be in trouble if she sneezed any louder. Sssnic. Sssnic.

She sounded just like an itty-bitty kitten. I giggled—right in the middle of a math test. Oops!

On the other hand, some people give it all they’ve got. One neighbor is such a sneezer. When he is out in his yard, his sneeze can be heard for a block. He lets loose with a whopping Yee-Haw!

I get the giggles. Every. Single. Time.

I imagine our neighbor enjoys sneezing. Why I bet he even says to himself, Ahh. That was a good one! I hope I do it again real soon.

Lastly, have you ever noticed how some soft-spoken men sneeze so hard you would think their head might blow off? An unnamed male in our home sneezes so loudly, he terrifies the dog.

For example, this week the unnamed male cut loose another colossal sneeze. Our unsuspecting dog was asleep in her bed when he blew. The poor dog catapulted into the air as if the nasal discharge exploded beneath her.

I could not stop laughing, so I kept cackling while scrawling quick notes.

See that? I took a simple ordinary thing—sneezing—and turned it into a blog post. We could argue about its merits. (But why would we?) It certainly is not earth-shattering. Nor crucial in any way.

This blog post only has three purposes:
1. To prove you can write about any ordinary circumstance.
2. To encourage you to write about your ordinary events.
3. To give you a chuckle.

Now it’s your turn. What will you write about today? Feel free to tell me in the comments below.

Until next time . . . Travel Light,

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