Flowers for Annie

The past two months have been quite eventful for me. Some of you, my regular readers, may have noticed I was MIA.

Annie died in April. She celebrated this year’s Resurrection in heaven.

For those of us left behind, April was a whirlwind. We scoured through old photos, trying to find ones that showed Annie’s full life with all her friends and large family. We made several trips to the airport to escort family members. We planned for the celebration of her life at the various services.

After Annie’s funeral, it was time to clean out her house. That was a hard thing to do. Her will carefully laid out what she wanted done, but there was still so much required to clean out all the detritus of a long life. It exhausted me.

We came back home in time for me to go for a doctor’s appointment at the beginning of May.

My doctor warned me in February that I was at risk for fracture. He told me to pay attention to my pain level. If it increased, he wanted to see me. Several times during the weeks leading up to Annie’s death and a few times during her funeral, I noticed some twinges that were stronger.

I asked the Lord to please protect my bone until after all our commitments were over. Hence in early May, I sat in the doctor’s office. The x-rays showed the bone was more compromised than the previous scans. Splintering had occurred at the top of the femur–but praise the Lord–no breakage.

Surgery was scheduled for mid-May. It was time to put in a titanium rod or nail as the medical profession calls it. As in, we’re going to nail you back together. Ugh!

A rod sounds a lot better than a nail. Don’t you agree?

Before my surgery, we drove back to Annie’s home. The doctor’s nurse told me there was no way I would be able to stand a road trip for several weeks after surgery. We had a few things we simply had to take care of to fulfill Annie’s requests. They could not wait for weeks.

The May flowers were beautiful around Annie’s old farmstead. Even though Memorial Day passed earlier this week, I still feel like posting them in honor of Annie. She loved flowers of all kinds. She planted multiple varieties of irises.

By the way, my surgery was considered successful, but the pain was brutal. I plan to stay close to home for the next few weeks.

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4 thoughts on “Flowers for Annie

  1. Oh my. So thankful your surgery was successful and is over.
    The flowers are beautiful.

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