And the Winner Is…

It is time once again for the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest. I have a few ideas in honor of this event to enjoy from the comfort of your own home. After all, summer is the prime time for Adventures at Home.

1. The Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds in Petaluma, California hosts the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest. Check photos of contestants on the website:

Judging takes place at the fairgrounds on Friday, June 24th. However, you may view the gallery and vote for your favorite at home. Involve your family and friends as judges. If you have a tie, hold a run-off vote.

Or you could participate in the People’s Choice Award. Vote online for your favorite in this separate contest via this link:

Many of the featured pets are adopted and/or rescue pets. The contest is not promoted to belittle the animals, but to raise awareness about shelter pet adoption. Please remember, ugly is in the eye of the beholder.

2. For my husband and me, the World’s Ugliest Dog once lived in a previous neighbor’s backyard. Based on my description below—draw your version of this dog—whom I’ll call Bodie.

Bodie’s fur may have been blonde at one time, but now it was mainly gray/white—that is—where he had hair. Wiry strands stood at half mast on top of his head like a wilted mohawk. One ear folded over out to the side at right angles to his head. The other ear stood straight up.

Snarled tufts of gray/white/yellow spikes marched along his spine. His tail was almost hairless except for a tangled ball near the end of his long tail.

Under his belly, fur hung down in five separate clumps as if someone once started to comb his hair, then gave up when they could not untangle it at the ends.

The sparse hair on his legs looked more like barbs from a barbed wire fence.

In the heat of the afternoon, the neighbor’s other dog wisely headed for the shade. Not Bodie. He stood panting on top of a small hill in the middle of their backyard. He either did not have sense enough to head for the shade or he was a bit “tetched” in the head. Or possibly another reason. Why do you think Bodie did not head for the shade during the heat of the day?

Make a drawing of what you think Bodie looked like in his yard. Then send it into the comments section of this website. If you are under age 18, please obtain your parent’s or guardian’s permission to participate.

3. Draw your own incredible pet. Or make up your idea of what the winner of the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest should look like. Or draw one of the contestants featured on the website above. You can also describe your pets personality in the same way owners have described their contestant’s personality or traits.

Again, feel free to attach your description and drawing in the comments below. And please, if you are under 18, obtain your parent’s or guardian’s permission to participate.

For More Summertime Ideas, check out my book: Grandma Brain .

Until next time . . . Travel Light,

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