What Do You See?

When I was a kid . . .

Do you hate it when adults start their stories like this?

Believe it or not, we did actually do fun things. And we did those fun things without computers.

On long summer days all the neighborhood kids brought a towel or blanket or sheet to the designated friend’s backyard. We spread our towels-blankets-sheets on the ground. Then we stared at the sky.

Why? You may ask. To use our imaginations.

Look at the featured photo above. What do you see?

Here’s photo #2 below. What do you see?

How about this next photo #3 below? What do you see?

The weather temperatures are usually cooler in mornings and evenings. But sometimes the best clouds are in late afternoon when it is hot and storms are blowing up. Not always.

So, for this adventure at home, try one of these suggestions:

  • Scout the Sky for interesting Clouds.
  • Invite friends over. They can bring a lawn chair or blanket-towel-sheet.
  • You can provide snacks and drinks this time.
  • Next time, kids can take turns bringing snacks.
  • You can take turns pointing out what you see in the sky.
  • You can also take photos of interesting cloud formations.
  • Kids can use the photos to outline the shapes of what they see. Or each child can draw what he or she sees with or without a photo.

This works especially well if one child sees something no one else does. I was usually that child since I had a vivid imagination.

My friends and I liked windy days because the wind blew the clouds across the sky. The constantly changing shapes allowed us to see multiple images.

The point is to use your imagination. So, what do you see? Tell me your ideas in the comments below. You can also send me photos or drawings of interesting clouds.

As always, if you are under age eighteen, have your parent or guardian send in your answers for you.

Below is one more photo for you to use your imagination, photo #4.

Special thanks to my friend, Kate in Colorado for sharing her photos of interesting clouds.

Due to my cancer treatments I am not able to physically do as much with my grandkids. But I can always look at clouds and use my imagination. For more summer ideas check out my book: Grandma Brain, available in ebook and paperback.

Until next time . . . Travel Light,

© 2022 SuZan Klassen

2 thoughts on “What Do You See?

  1. Love love these ideas and photos. The clouds are always a visual for me of God’s artistry, and I imagine him putting them into different shapes – just for our enjoyment.

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