Sensitive Ears


A truck towing a horse trailer drove into the parking lot. The driver parked so the back of his horse trailer faced me. Then he closed his truck door and walked toward the building.

Inside the trailer, a pair of oversized ears—bigger than a horse’s ears—pivoted first one way, then the other. Like radar the animal determined the direction the retreating steps took.

I couldn’t see the animal’s head and he certainly couldn’t see out. But he didn’t need to. And I didn’t need to see his head because there was no mistaking those ears. Only one animal had ears like that.

Can you guess?

Those ears told the donkey his man had left. They told him when another vehicle drove into the parking lot. They told him when children raced from the building to the nearest car.

As I watched those ears pivot toward every sound, I imagined the donkey who carried Mary all those centuries ago. What was that donkey like? Probably not much different than the little animal occupying the trailer in front of me.

Did that donkey’s ears prick forward to catch the quiet commands of the worried man leading him? Did his ears flick backward to hear the soft groans of a weary woman? Did it make him choose his steps more carefully to protect his precious cargo?

After all, this was God’s Son that Mary carried.

Perhaps God Himself directed the donkey. Perhaps the donkey’s sensitive ears strained to hear God’s whisper.

What about you? Are your ears sensitive to God’s instructions?

It is hard to be responsive to God unless you read His Word. A new year is coming—a chance to start a new year-long reading program of the Bible.

In the meantime, you can start here: Luke 2

Merry Christmas!

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