Shen Yun Portrays Beauty

The curtain rose. Chinese ladies in spring green and vibrant pink costumes lined the stage. The audience breathed an appreciative sigh. Perhaps it was all the beautiful colors. Or perhaps it was the visual declaration of spring compared to the bitter cold and barren winter landscape we escaped on our way inside the venue.

The first notes of the orchestra imitated the sound of running water. Dancers rippled the length of their extra-long green and white sleeves to mimic the flow of water. It may seem impossible, since your visual is limited by my words, but it truly created the illusion of a flowing river or of a waterfall. The effect charmed us.

That was my first favorite dance of the Shen Yun performance.

My second favorite was the men’s Mongolian Dance. Each man grasped several chopsticks. As they cavorted about the stage, they created a fun rhythm with those chopsticks. Sometimes they smacked them on the stage floor, other times they crunched them together in their hands.

Peppy cartwheels, flips, and mid-air splits reminded me of Russian Cossack dances. That is not surprising. Ancient people probably shared dances, music, and stories during their nomadic wanderings.

See it at least once in your lifetime, the ads always proclaim wherever Shen Yun tours. However, Shen Yun changes their program for each touring season. Next year there will be new choreography, new sets, and new costumes. Still, I agree with the ads. See it at least once. Shen Yun has media links. See a video of a previous season.

We saved up for this adventure of our lifetime. After all we’ve been through during the past year, we desperately needed some joy and beauty. This fulfilled both.

What is on your bucket list for travel or entertainment? How do you include more expensive entertainment in your travel adventures at home or on the road? Tell me about it in the comments below.

Until next time . . . Travel Light,

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