Do You Understand?

For a solid week before another native son died, the song played through my mind:

“Good morning, America. How are ‘ya?
Don’t ‘ya know me?
I’m your native son . . . .”

If only the message was understood. Maybe someone could have reached out. Maybe he would have listened. Just. This. Once.

Was it Fentanyl that killed him?

Nationwide, the police state they deal with a Fentanyl issue every day.

Fentanyl—the illegal kind.
Fentanyl—streaming across our open borders.
Fentanyl—made by Mexican drug cartels.
Fentanyl—made with supplies direct from communist China.
Fentanyl—designed—to kill.

And all because the Biden administration along with their supporters opened the border. They stopped building the wall. They invited the world to come in.

Protecting our border should be a bi-partisan issue.

Pray for our country. Pray for justice. Pray that the drug trade will be stopped.

Those dying—men and women—young and old alike are our native sons and daughters. I wish they would understand. I wish they would not seek comfort in drugs.

If only they knew The Power of the Cross.

Jesus died and rose again that we all might live healthy lives of godliness, peace and joy here. And for all eternity. Healing comes no other way except through Jesus.

If only our native sons and daughters would experience the healing provided by Jesus. Then they would finally understand—Life is theirs to live!

Do you understand that?

If you want healing and wholeness, then I invite you to seek life.

Decide for yourself. Do not let drugs decide for you.

Until next time . . . Choose Life.
It is the only way to truly Travel Light.

© 2023 SuZan Klassen. All Rights Reserved.


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