Native Sons & Daughters

My husband stopped our car at the red light where two main city arteries converged.

A young man sat beside the busy intersection. He stared at the ground five feet in front of him.

Printed in neat letters on the cardboard sign he held was the word, “Homeless.” A blast of icy wind blew his sign back against his chest. He never flinched. He may as well have been chiseled from stone.

As I watched, the word on the cardboard morphed from Homeless to Hopeless. Almost as if it was a neon sign flickering between two separate words.

I drew my husband’s attention to the young man. “What do you read on his sign?”

He squinted. “I thought it said, ‘Homeless.’ But maybe it says, ‘Hopeless.’ ”

If I could have, I would have jumped out of the car and dashed across three lanes of traffic to where the young man sat. But cancer in my bones makes it difficult for me to move quickly. The light changed. Horns honked and we drove on.

We come to that intersection every day that we leave the hospital after my treatment. I’ve never seen that young man again. And I’ve never stopped praying for him. As well as others like him.

200,000+ illegal aliens flooded our open southern border in December 2022.

Many of these are being better cared for than our country’s veterans.

According to the testimony of hotel workers, illegal aliens have been housed in some expensive New York hotels. They have trashed the rooms and made hotel staff feel unsafe.

Americans have been raised to be generous. It’s ingrained in most of us. We do care about the needs of the poor from other countries. And yet . . .

Shouldn’t we care for the needs of our native sons and daughters first?
How can we care for others if we don’t care about the needs of our own nation?

What are tangible ways you can show you care?

  • Give food to homeless individuals. If they are truly needy, then they are hungry.
  • Keep non-perishable snacks in your car to give needy individuals.
  • Provide monthly support to good charitable organizations with your tax-deductible dollars:
    -Tunnel to Towers
    -Wounded Warrior Project
    -Trustworthy Local Charities

  • If you have the ability, offer jobs to these men and women, or direct them to jobs so they can provide for themselves and their families.
  • Dignified labor changes hope – less to hope – ful.


Until next time . . . Travel Light,

© 2023 SuZan Klassen. All Rights Reserved.


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