Shen Yun – Erhu

Most Chinese instruments make a sharp twang sound that is not pleasant to my ears. However, the music played by the Shen Yun orchestra was different.

Shen Yun’s Orchestra combines classical Western and Chinese instruments. The two-stringed Erhu and the plucked Pipa, lead the melody with a full Western-style orchestra.

Thus, Shen Yun has created a lyrical blend of traditional Eastern melodies with Western orchestration. For me it worked very well. It was obviously still Chinese music.

The Erhu Solo astonished me. Linda Wang, Erhu Soloist, played the two-stringed instrument as if it were a violin. I had no idea so much beauty or such a wide range of notes could be obtained with only two strings. Perhaps the reason is partly that Wang began learning both the erhu and violin at age 7.

Or perhaps it is because of Wang’s continued pursuit of excellence. She has worked with preeminent teachers. Pursuing greater skill, she has sought even more advanced teachers. Her dedication has paid off with over 900 performances to her credit.

Shen Yun artists follow the traditions of ancient Chinese artists. They nurture virtues like goodness and integrity in their lives believing those virtues will carry over into their art.

Whether you can play an instrument or not—you can apply lessons from Linda Wang’s example.

Seek excellence. Practice faithfully. Cultivate dedication. Search for superior mentors. Pursue higher-level performance. Nurture virtues of goodness and integrity in your life.

Play on your own two strings and let the world stand back in wonder.

Until next time . . . Travel Light,

P.S. The featured photo above is not of Wang. It is of a woman from Myanmar playing an erhu. Neither photography nor recording are allowed at Shen Yun programs. The photo is from Pixabay free photos. My thanks to the photographer.

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