Finished Business

This time of year with the NCAA Basketball tournament, supporters and team members alike proudly wear their team’s colors.

Individual teams often emblazon slogans on their t-shirts. Slogans meant to fire up the team. One such inspiring challenge read: “Unfinished Business.” Their team had not yet accomplished their goal for the year—a victorious season.

This time of year is also when we celebrate Holy Week. Passover begins Wednesday at Sundown. Then Maundy Thursday, followed by Good Friday. It all culminates with the celebration of Jesus’ Resurrection.

That team’s sports slogan is different from Jesus’ last words on the cross. Immediately before Jesus died he said, “It is finished.”

He could say it, because he had done it. His was not a fleeting one season victory.

At the moment of Jesus’ sacrifice, he fulfilled everything that was needed. Because of his death as the Passover Lamb, we can have forgiveness for our sins.

If you have never seriously considered the impact of Jesus’ death so that you might live, then you have unfinished business.

I invite you to consider what Jesus did for you personally. It is still possible for you to have victory over your sins—victory for eternity.

Until next time . . . Travel Light,

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