It’s Time . . .

It’s that time of year when birds of the same species will no longer tolerate another bird in their territory.

Two male cardinals tussled outside my window this morning—the first sign of spring—or the hope of spring. In and out of the maple tree branches they fluttered. Flashes of sunlight ignited their red plumage. One of them successfully chased the interloper from his territory. Finally.

Even though it was a cold morning, the victor sang his heart out.

“It’s spring! It’s spring!” His joyful notes proclaimed. For a brief window before the rain moved in, he sang from the highest perch of that maple tree.

Do birds remember?

Did he remember from last year that spring came after winter? He remembered his lady. Cardinals mate for life. But did he remember spring followed winter without fail?

Or did he sing from hope? Or knowledge born of instinct put there by the creator?

Whatever it was, he bore witness that spring was on its way. Finally.

When I lost my first baby to a miscarriage my mother sent me a sympathy note. Within it she wrote: “God is still on His throne.”

The cardinal ‘knew’ spring was coming even though it was a cold day.

In the same way my mother reminded me that spring would come. I would get through this pain and disappointment. I would feel joy again because . . .

God had a plan.

I could not see His plan at the time of my miscarriage. I could only sense it through my mother’s words. It was years before I saw His plan unfold.

No circumstance has ever taken God by surprise.

God has a plan for you, too. You may not be able to see it yet. You may rail against Him for not orchestrating life according to your plan.

God is always a gentleman. He will not force you to comply with His plan. You can kick Him out of your life for not obeying your instructions. But know this . . .

No human being has ever kicked God off His throne.

He is there. It’s time. Call on God while you may.

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Until next time . . . Travel Light,

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