Paris Museums

Guest Post by Molly Totoro. Molly has visited Paris several times so I’m thrilled to have her share her experience this week. Paris may be known as the City of Lights, but it is also a city of museums. Of course everyone has heard of the Louvre, home to such renowned masterpieces as the Mona … More Paris Museums

Le Mont-Saint-Michel

Le Mont-Saint-Michel lies off the coast of Normandy. My friend, Kay toured the abbey the same day she visited the American Cemetery. (See post Earn It for photos of her trip to the cemetery.) Perched on a rock, this abbey and its surrounding fortifications seem to rise from the sea. It has been many things … More Le Mont-Saint-Michel

Earn It

We never forget the last words of people on their deathbeds. Even in movies, we pay close attention to the dying words of characters we’ve come to care about. Near the end of Saving Private Ryan, Captain Miller (played by Tom Hanks) lay dying on a bridge after he and his men had saved the … More Earn It