February Calendar

If you read my posts regularly, you know how I occasionally like to mention some of the holidays. The February calendar has many things to celebrate. First, three of the more traditionally important dates. Then below that, a brief list of more humorous or light-hearted days. February 12 is President Abraham Lincoln’s birthday Why not … More February Calendar

The Liberty Bell

The famous Liberty Bell was originally called the “Old State House Bell.” When most people think of the Liberty Bell, they expect to see that iconic crack in it. Everyone wants a photo including the distinctive characteristic. It wouldn’t be the Liberty Bell without it. Most of us don’t realize that these bells were actually … More The Liberty Bell

Pompeii Exhibit

Are you planning a trip to Naples, Italy this month? If not, consider a trip to Kansas City, Missouri. If you live in the continental USA, a plane ticket to Kansas City is much less than one to Italy. Union Station achieved another coup when it was chosen to be the opening venue for this … More Pompeii Exhibit

Little Sweden

Välkommen to the tiny town of Lindsborg, Kansas, nicknamed, “Little Sweden.” Every few years, my husband and I enjoy staying at the Swedish Country Inn. We return because the inn holds charm for us, as does the town and its residents. We first stayed there about twenty years ago when the inn was newly decorated … More Little Sweden

Orphan Train

Would you send your seven-year-old out on the streets to live? Or expect him to earn a living for your family? In 1852 the New York City Police Chief estimated 30,000 abandoned children roamed the streets—mainly children of immigrants. The city didn’t have the resources or infrastructure to deal with the growing problem. Little work … More Orphan Train