A Christmas Scent

I love walking past some nearby woods. It makes me feel like I’m on the farm again. The other day as I walked my dog, a soft breeze blew the distinctive scent of a red cedar. Instantly through the eyes of memory I stood in my parent’s living room between the Christmas tree and the … More A Christmas Scent

Journey to a Dream

Sometimes parents embark on special travel commitments to support the dreams of their children. The following guest post details the pursuit of one such dream. You’re welcome to ride along. _______________________________ A Nutcracker Journey Guest Post by Sarah Yasutake The Nutcracker ballet is an annual holiday tradition for many, but I didn’t attend a performance … More Journey to a Dream

God’s Nudge

The Sunday bulletin for our large church was packed with inserts as usual. As I paged through the announcements and activities for various groups a lovely blend of fall colors caught my eye. An invitation proclaimed a Thanksgiving feast for Singles. Ordinarily I would have skimmed past it since I’m not single, but the colors … More God’s Nudge

Traveling with Pets

My new friend, Heidi Casper, wrote today’s Guest Post. Heidi is a children’s writer currently working on her middle grade novel (for 8-12 year olds). The story features children of an army dad. Traveling, and everything that goes along with it, can be a challenge. However, traveling with pets can be downright daunting for both … More Traveling with Pets

Lord, Heal Our Heroes

My heart is drawn toward our military and their families. They have suffered so much. Some service members survive battle only to commit suicide when they return home. I’ve been looking for a ministry that truly uses my donations to help these men and women. Operation Heal Our Patriots is a ministry I’m considering. If … More Lord, Heal Our Heroes

The Scenic Route

My smile evaporated. I turned from reading an email about a funny family incident and checked my calendar for the next few days. Tuesday, March 29—my next cancer screening appointment. My stomach clenched. Amazing how quickly fear stole my laughter. Fear does that. Here’s the weird part, though. I’m celebrating my fifth year cancer-free. That’s … More The Scenic Route

Lighten the Load

My two-year-old grandson is very proud he can carry his own backpack. He struts around with a big grin on his face. On a recent visit, he stayed overnight with us at our hotel. The next morning I was in a hurry. I gathered all his things and stuffed his pack full. “We’ll leave as … More Lighten the Load