No, I’m not from Texas. I’ve just liked that greeting for several years—ever since I was a youth leader way back when. Renée, a teen leader and a great friend of the other kids in our group always greeted everyone with her signature, “Howdy!”

Don’t you just love a good campfire? It’s so welcoming. We human beings are drawn to its warmth.

This page is under re-construction. I’ve been asked to provide a biography as some visitors have wanted to know more about me. For right now—while I’m still editing this website page—I will include a brief biography here for editors, agents, and advertising copy. Later I will make a more extensive bio available.

SuZan Klassen
writes short stories for periodicals and anthologies. A trained Stephen Minister, she regularly contributes devotionals.

Reviews of her new book, Grandma Brain, include: “SuZan perfectly captures the joy and total exhaustion of grand parenting! She has a way of observing life with a discerning eye and sense of humor.”

Enough about me!
What about you? Who are you? What is it that brought you to my website?

Perhaps you’re feeling separated from the safety of friends who care about you. Or perhaps you’re worried about someone else who separated himself or herself from the safety of your group or family.

Whichever it is and wherever you are—traveling or at home, I hope you’ll find a warm welcome here in the circle of this light.

Travel Light,
P.S. Renée, wherever you are now—Howdy!

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