National Crayon Day

This Friday, March 31 is National Crayon Day. Let your inner child out to play. Ahh, the distinctive waxy smell of crayons. Can you smell it? Brings back so many memories. You know you may be getting older when you start sentences with…When I was a kid…. Here comes one of those sentences. When I … More National Crayon Day

Happy Pi Day!

No. I did not misspell. It is Pi. As in 3.14, though people do sometimes celebrate the day by making / buying and eating pie. All sorts of pie. Pizza pie. Fruit pie. Cream pie. Maybe even pasties like savory meat and vegetable pies. (And no, I did not misspell that word either.) So what … More Happy Pi Day!

Shen Yun – Erhu

Most Chinese instruments make a sharp twang sound that is not pleasant to my ears. However, the music played by the Shen Yun orchestra was different. Shen Yun’s Orchestra combines classical Western and Chinese instruments. The two-stringed Erhu and the plucked Pipa, lead the melody with a full Western-style orchestra. Thus, Shen Yun has created … More Shen Yun – Erhu

Do You Understand?

For a solid week before another native son died, the song played through my mind: “Good morning, America. How are ‘ya? Don’t ‘ya know me? I’m your native son . . . .” If only the message was understood. Maybe someone could have reached out. Maybe he would have listened. Just. This. Once. … More Do You Understand?

Valentine Wake-Up Call

Six a.m. I yawned. We were newlyweds and it was Valentine’s Day. Even though it was my day off, I wanted to do something nice for my husband before his twenty-four hour shift. While I made breakfast, the radio blared with love songs. The DJ said something about Valentine’s Day tributes for the next few … More Valentine Wake-Up Call

Sensitive Ears

  A truck towing a horse trailer drove into the parking lot. The driver parked so the back of his horse trailer faced me. Then he closed his truck door and walked toward the building. Inside the trailer, a pair of oversized ears—bigger than a horse’s ears—pivoted first one way, then the other. Like radar … More Sensitive Ears