Do You Need Beauty?

Much of the northern hemisphere is experiencing cold winter weather now. It’s always so sad when the Christmas lights are long gone. About this time of year many people are tired of the drab winter scenery. Why not add some beauty to your surroundings? Visit Your Flower, Lawn, and Garden Store. One way to refresh … More Do You Need Beauty?

Le Mont-Saint-Michel

Le Mont-Saint-Michel lies off the coast of Normandy. My friend, Kay toured the abbey the same day she visited the American Cemetery. (See post Earn It for photos of her trip to the cemetery.) Perched on a rock, this abbey and its surrounding fortifications seem to rise from the sea. It has been many things … More Le Mont-Saint-Michel

Stay-Cation Gardening

Here’s another Stay-Cation idea for those who need a healthy alternative to the traditional family vacation. Every spring we took our kids to a favorite garden store. They each were allowed to choose one vegetable or fruit to plant and one flower or ornamental plant. Someone always chose corn, of course. Tomatoes were our daughter’s … More Stay-Cation Gardening