Packing Tips

General Packing Tips
Always check the weather forecast for the dates you’ll be traveling before making your final packing decisions.

  • Fill all the Holes, put socks and underwear in shoes
  • Interweave folded non permanent press items (stewardess taught me this)
  • Use heavier items or the suitcase strap to press or hold items in place
  • Roll knit items (after folding nicely)
  • Color coordinate your outfits so you can mix and match
  • Think layers
  • Choose a jacket with a zip-out liner and a zip-off hood
  • Pack light – how many times can you wear that pair of pants/shorts/skirt?
  • Pull everything out you think you’ll need to take, then weed
  • Weed some more
  • Unless you’re going to a third world country, you can buy toiletries on your trip

When you pack for an Alaskan vacation, be sure to think in terms of layers. My lightweight rain jacket with a zip out flannel liner was perfect for an Alaskan summer (which often includes chilly rain). Depending on the time of year, consider short-sleeved t-shirts you can layer with a sweater or sweatshirt. Remember temperatures can fluctuate between high 80s and low 50s. You won’t want to sweat or freeze. Again, layering is the key.