Job Well Done

Before we leave the ship I want to write about some of the crew. We’ve been privileged to travel twice on Holland America cruise ships. Both times the crew was amazing.

We interacted with the cabin stewards and waiters on a daily basis.

Our cabin steward this trip was Herman. The thought of his cheerful, “Good morning, SuZan,” still makes me smile.

Everyday I asked, “How are you this morning?”

Even when I could see the weariness in his eyes, Herman always replied, “I am excellent.”

Herman and others like him worked hard to insure shipboard illnesses were kept at bay. They scrubbed and wiped down surfaces so that passengers and crew alike could stay healthy.

Teddy was one of our waiters. He and the others made sure our meals were served with the graciousness of a by-gone era. Only on shipboard are you treated with this kind of courtesy and efficiency.

Of course, Herman and Teddy were not their real names. They chose these nicknames because they were easier for passengers to pronounce than their Asian names.

Travel Tips
Although passengers are charged daily tips that go into a pool for the workers, consider giving over and above to crew members when appropriate. To thank them for their excellent service:
• Get envelopes at the front desk, put in cash and give directly to the intended recipient
• Treat staff and crew with the same courtesy they have shown you
• Say, Thank you.
To protect yourself from shipboard sickness:
• Always utilize the hand-sanitizer offered at the entrance to all restaurants
• Or use the automatic hand washing station (kids love activating the water spray)

Travel HumorDSC05891
The cabin stewards not only kept the cabins clean, they also demonstrated their creativity by folding towels into various animals. Every evening we returned to our cabins to find another more elaborate example than the night before.

Our last evening aboard ship the creature that greeted us in our cabins caused us to laugh out loud. I won’t spoil your trip by showing it to you here.

Crewmembers also performed traditional cultural entertainment in the ship’s theatre one night. The Indonesian Hand Dance was DSC00148an audience favorite, especially when the performers got mixed up. Their good-natured laughter at their mistakes had us laughing along with them.

You’ll have to plan a cruise yourself to fully appreciate these wonderful people.

Until next time…Travel Light,
SuZan Klassen
© 2016 SuZan Klassen

4 thoughts on “Job Well Done

  1. I never wanted to go on a cruise until I read your description of the crew. Service like that would feel wonderful! No wonder so many people take multiple cruises. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    1. Several things they do as a matter of their regular routine. Another example: they completely take care of transporting all that luggage on and off the ship. You may not even hear them do it. Amazing!

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