Corona Civility?

Dutifully I put on my mask before entering Chipotle’s dining room. The large lunchtime crowd dutifully stood in line the recommended six feet apart.

It used to be that you could tell who was in line because those who had already placed their order stood politely to the side. But now, it’s a bit of a guessing game.

I approached the first man. “Are you in line, sir?”

He shook his head and continued scrolling on his phone.

Next, I asked the woman a few feet beyond him.

“No, I’m waiting for my order.”

I moved down the line politely inquiring of the individuals.

Far ahead of me a young man nodded vigorously and pointed at the spot beside him.

Following his social cue, I stepped beyond all the others and approached him. “You must be . . .”

“The end of the line.” He finished my sentence for me. In spite of his mask, the crinkle lines near his eyes indicated he was smiling.

“What a relief to meet someone who is actually smiling. These masks have made it difficult. People are so grumpy. It feels like civility is gone.”

“You’re right.” He nodded again. “I think if this goes on for much longer people won’t even meet any more. We’ll all just huddle inside. Nobody will get together for lunch or coffee or anything else.”

“It is scary to think about.”

“Yes!” His eyes widened. “I’m genuinely afraid of that!”

The lady ahead of him moved up to the counter. He moved on to the next spot marked on the floor for him.

We all did. Dutifully moving from one spot six feet apart to the next—like programmed robots.

What are your thoughts on this subject? Tell me in the comments below.

Until next time . . . Travel Light,

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