Amish Country

On a beautiful summer morning we climbed into a large Amish buggy. Levi, our Amish driver and tour guide was a retired farmer. He skillfully drove our wagonload of seven tourists (including 1 small boy) across the highway.

Many people think of the Amish and Mennonites when someone mentions Lancaster County. Those same people often think Amish and Mennonites are the same. No.

Although the Amish and Mennonites all worship the same God there are differences in their beliefs and practices. Plus there are several different branches within each group. They can recognize the subtle differences between their clothing choices even if you and I cannot.

Another difference: you won’t see telephone poles or overhead power lines attached to Amish farms and houses. However, most Mennonites have them.

By the way, Amish is pronounced “ah – mish.” Not “ay – mish.”

We chose Aaron and Jessica’s Buggy Rides for our excursion since they didn’t require reservations. However, we did call ahead to verify details before we made the drive to the country.

Once across the highway we didn’t encounter any cars on the private neighborhood roads. Our buggy ride included a brief tour of an Amish dairy farm. At one point Levi told us we were in the center of the Amish community. He pointed out two Amish businesses: one that made chicken pies (not pot pies, forget the pot) and a bakery. When our buggy ride was over we drove to both businesses and made our purchases. My husband still raves about the flavor of those chicken pies.

Travel Light Humor
Levi escorted us into the barn where a delicious feed mix (delicious for cattle, that is) was piled in one corner. The mixture was made of alfalfa, chopped corn stalks, vitamins and leftovers from making apple cider.

“We do have some machines on an Amish farm.” Levi said. “The machine that shovels the feed is called a pitchfork.” He pointed to a pitchfork propped against the wall beside the feed mix. “Anyone want to operate the machine?”

Nope. Our group had grown up on or near farms. We already knew how to operate that machine.

Travel Tips
Aaron & Jessica’s Buggy Rides
• Open 7 days/week year ‘round
• Located in the country at Plain & Fancy Farm
Midway between Bird-in-Hand & Intercourse, PA
• 3121 Old Philadelphia Pike (same as Route 340)
Look for the little covered bridge beside the highway
• No reservations required
• Except for Group Tours of 10 or more
Call 717-723-0478 for more information
• Prices vary according to length of ride
Minimum: Adults $10, Children $6 for 20 minutes
• Special Private Rides can last almost 2 hours
Reservations are recommended
Call for pricing or email

Yes, they have a website and an email address, but don’t ask me how they worked that out with the bishop.
Chicken Pies & Bakery? Ask Levi for directions.

Aaron and Jessica’s Buggy Rides is such a good name for this business. Would you like to meet Aaron and Jessica? By the way, who do you think they are? Leave your answer in the comments below.

Until next time . . . Travel Light,
© 2017 SuZan Klassen

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